3 Must-Try Local Restaurants For A Unique Dining Experience

Most tourists who visit Singapore associate this country with being the food paradise. It is one country where they are able to get their hands on cuisine from almost every part of the world. Whether they feel like having Japanese cuisine or Malay cuisine, they are able to enjoy it without having to go out of their way.

Singapore has built this reputation over the years, and most Singaporeans have tried the myriad of food available here. However, not many have had the experience of dining in unique environments. There are many hidden gems in Singapore where the restaurants have unique themes, ambience and decorations. The best part is that some of these restaurants serve a wide range of food from Korean to Malay cuisine.

Hence, if the dining experience is something that is critical for you, then keep reading on to learn about some of these unique local restaurants.

Enter an endless night: NOX – Dine in the Dark

This restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. Only in Nox – Dine In The Dark would you be able to experience eating in a restaurant without any light. Upon entering the restaurant, you would be guided to your seat by their blind and visually impaired hosts. They are all specifically trained to guide you through your dining experience so there is nothing to worry about!

Without your sense of sight, your other senses like your sense of touch and taste would be enhanced and heightened. You would be served 12 intricately crafted dishes throughout your time at the restaurant. These dishes are specially prepared to appeal to your enhanced tastebuds. The experience of eating at Nox- Dine In The Dark is not merely just a sensory experience. You would also have to try to work with the cutleries without being able to see. This adds some fun to the overall dinner.

Dine under the sea: Ocean Restaurant

Most people have had fantastic dining experiences with beautiful views of the sunset, a beach and even the city skyline. Well, what about dining with marine animals? You can now do that at Ocean Restaurant. This is one experience that many would never forget. Ocean Restaurant has won numerous awards like Singapore’s Best Restaurants and the Singapore Top Restaurants for its unique dining experience. Imagine feasting on your full course meal while watching the magnificent manta rays and schools of fishes swim by you.

The delicious dishes served at the Ocean Restaurant are mod-Asian meals. The best part is that all the ingredients used in their dishes from appetizers to their main course are sustainably harvested. This is certainly an experience of a lifetime for many.

‘Take off’ with an airplane ‘simulator’: SushiAirways

Having your meal in the airplane is typically tied to pleasant memories because most people have it while they are travelling to a country for their holidays and unwinding. However, in recent times, most Singaporeans have not been able to travel. So if you miss dining in the airplane, worry no more! At SushiAirways, you are able to experience dining in a airplane setting. This airplane-themed restaurant is the first of its kind in Singapore. Its interior is also heavily inspired by a 80-year old aircraft.

To add on, you would be served their intricately presented Japanese cuisine by their waiters and waitresses who resemble flight attendants. Relive the much-missed memories of having food onboard an airplane at SushiAirways!


If you’re looking to add some novelty to your ordinary day out – elevate your dining experience with any one of these restaurants. You’ll be sure to have a swell of time in an entirely new dining setting.