4 Tips To Transform Your Home With HDB Interior Design In SG

HDB Interior Design Singapore

Did you know that over 80% of Singapore’s residential population currently lives in an HDB flat? While it may be the cheapest option and easiest way to become a homeowner, there are plenty of ways you can design your HDB flat to the way that you desire! Whether you’re looking for a certain improvement, BTO renovation or a full home makeover, it is vital to ensure that your HDB interior design is unique and a home that you will love.

Here are 4 key tips you should know to transform your home through HDB interior design in Singapore!

1. Implement a new design layout

If you’re looking to make your HDB flat stand out from the rest, then you can’t go wrong by implementing a new design layout that is unlike any other! While certain HDB flats may be bigger due to having more rooms, that doesn’t mean that you can’t increase that space. For instance, you can hack down specific walls and make it a part of a bigger living room. Now you’ve got a bigger space and a better place to host any gatherings in the future!

Tearing down walls isn’t the only way to implement a new design layout. For instance, you can create a larger kitchen by having wet and dry zones for cooking, or even opt for certain styles that you may like, such as a Japanese-inspired design. When you implement a new design layout, you make it easier to apply a theme for your home!

2. Opt for brighter or neutral colours

One of the most important ways to liven up your HDB interior design is to opt for cheery colours or colours that are neutral. Not only are darker colours crowded due to how they can shroud certain pieces of furniture, but darker colours can also introduce a claustrophobic feel to a room. With lighter colours such as white, you can add vibrancy into your home and make it seem like your rooms are larger than they are!

When combined with your furniture, decor and wall designs, the right choice of colour can turn your HDB into a serene living environment that you always want to return home to. Other great colour choices include pastel colours such as lighter shades of cream and yellow, or warm colours such as red and orange.

3. Natural lights

When it comes to HDB interior design, lighting is an essential aspect that you should not forget. Not only can light bring out much-needed space and lighten up your mood, but switching to natural lights can help you to save on electrical bills monthly. There are also plenty of other ways you can bring in natural light into your home too.

For instance, you can use natural lights to lighten up your walls, which can help to emphasise the presence of natural light to the room. Another way you can apply natural light into your room is by installing tall mirrors. Not only are they a convenient and affordable alternative, but mirrors can also help to create an illusion of depth, reflecting surfaces and natural light to further brighten up your home!

4. Give yourself a budget

Interior design can be an overall exciting development for you and your home. While it can lighten up your mood and help you to create your dream setting, having a budget ensures that you don’t stretch yourself too thin and have enough space to make any changes if necessary. If you are planning for a full renovation and find yourself worrying about financial aid, then there are ways you can ensure your dream house is realised.

You should seek a list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore that can offer you an easy cash loan to complete your HDB interior design. These licensed moneylenders are reputable and credible, and they can provide you with the loan that you need to complete your HDB interior design. Their loans also offer flexible terms without high interest rates, making them an excellent option to finance your home renovation.

For homeowners that are struggling financially, you should consider obtaining a consolidation loan from a reputable licensed moneylender. Through the consolidation loan, all of your debts and payments will be paid off by a single licensed moneylender. This way, you will only have to make monthly repayments at a lower fee with lower interest rates to that licensed moneylender.

Your dream HDB interior design is possible. Follow the tips above to ensure that you have all the tips you need to realise your dream home!