An Essential Guide On Making Your Sofa Set Last Longer


When taking a look around your living room, you would realise that your sofa set is one of the most expensive items that you have purchased. Whether you chose to pay for furniture in instalments or at one go, you cannot deny that the sofa set was a significant investment for your home. Therefore, it is crucial that you go the extra mile in ensuring that your sofa lasts a long time and is worth the investment.

The goal of every homeowner with a new sofa set would be not only to keep it lasting for a long time but also to appear clean and brand new. For this to happen, you would need to actively take action in ensuring that you do not commit some critical mistakes that significantly decreases the lifespan of your sofa.

Hence, if this is your first sofa set and you need tips on maintaining as well as making it last longer, then you should consider these 3 essential tips that not many know of.

Stick to the basics

A common furniture mistake that many do not realise is costing them money is being too focused on the latest trend or design of their sofa. One key fact about following trends too closely is that these trends come and go quickly. What design or sofa type that is in trend currently would highly likely go out of trend in a matter of a year and some occasions, months. When this occurs, you would be left with your sofa, which is the centrepiece of your living room, looking odd and out of place. Many people then decide to replace that new sofa for one that better fits their home.

One tip that would save you both money and time would be to stick with sofa sets that have softer colours and designs. It would be more helpful if it complements the colour and theme of your home. If you feel that it is dull and want a pop of colour, you could get some couch pillows that are of bolder colours. This way, you are able to utilise your sofa set for a long time without the need of changing it while it is still in good condition.

Stain-proof your sofa sets

Considering how your sofa is where you will be spending time resting and bonding with your family members while you snack away and watch a movie, it is vital that you stain-proof it. Although the benefits of having stain-proofed sofa sets are apparent, not many people do it for their sofa sets – mainly because of the cost involved for stain-proofing a sofa.

However, spilling a drink or even food particles on the couch can leave behind stains that are not easily removed. Especially if the sofa fabric can be easily stained. Depending on how deep the sofa has been stained, deep cleaning it can cost even more than stain-proofing it.

Hence, it is totally worth it to get it stain-proofed as soon as you purchase the sofa set.

Try to keep your pets off the sofa

In most houses, pet owners allow their pets to sit on the sofa with them. However, what they do not realise is that doing so can decrease the lifespan of your sofa set by slowly deteriorating it.

The typical household pets, dogs and cats, have fur that can easily get stuck in your sofa and the couch cushions. Moreover, it is an arduous task getting their fur off the sofa; their sweat and odour also can get trapped in the fabric of your sofa.

As such, the simple act of keeping your pets off your couch is critical towards longer-lasting furniture.


Keeping to these 3 practical tips will ensure that you save both time and money with your longer-lasting sofa set! The best part is that you can implement the recommendations and extend the longevity of your sofa whether it is first-hand or second hand, paid for in full or with a sofa set instalment.