Designing A Built-in Wardrobe In SG: What To Look Out For

Built In Wardrobe Singapore

There are many aspects that one has to consider when designing a built-in wardrobe for their home. For example, space, functionality, ergonomics, space and aesthetics all play a significant role in ensuring that you are able to design the built-in wardrobe of your dreams. In order to fully realise your built-in wardrobe, there are a few things you should know before you begin.

Here are 5 key things you should look out for when designing a built-in wardrobe in Singapore!

1. The size of your built-in wardrobe

The depth of a built-in wardrobe typically varies between 60 to 65 centimetres, but this does not include entry options such as doors. Before designing your built-in wardrobe, you need to ensure that there is enough space to fit all of your hangars, clothes, and shoes inside comfortably.

If you are looking to add in more ways of entry, then you should also be aware of the additional sizes they could bring to the wardrobe. A few things you should consider for the size of your built-in wardrobe should be the hanging space, the number of drawers and shelves, as well as enough space for shoe shelving.

2. Selecting the best material

The best material for built-in wardrobes are usually materials that are strong and sturdy, and are capable of holding weighty materials without breaking or bending. This is why plywood, one of the more common materials for built-in wardrobes, are chosen as they can help to hold your built-in wardrobe together without breaking.

However, plywood has a downside with its strong scent of glue that is used to keep it held together. One way you can remove the smell is through activated charcoal or baking soda, where it can absorb the odour of the glue. Another way is to wait until the smell goes away. If you designing a built-in wardrobe for your children, then opting for other materials can produce less smell from the glue for plywood. One such material is melamine chipboard.

3. Consider the wardrobe ergonomics

The functionality of a built-in wardrobe is as important as being aesthetically pleasing in your bedroom. This is where wardrobe ergonomics plays a vital role in ensuring that you are able to readily pick out your clothes without taking up too much time in opening doors or drawers. To ensure that your wardrobe ergonomics are designed well, you should understand a few key things.

For example, are you picking out extra shelf space, or looking to avoid entry doors for your wardrobe? If so, this makes your wardrobe ergonomics better as you are able to use your wardrobe with ease. There are other ways to ensure better wardrobe ergonomics, such as keeping bulky items below and keeping hanged clothes in open shelves for easier access.

4. Ensure there is sufficient lighting

When designing a built-in wardrobe, not many opt for lighting as they believe that it is more of an accessory. However, lighting can play an important role when it comes to bedroom decoration as ambience lights and even give you additional light fittings so that you know where all of your items are in your wardrobe.

While lighting may not be necessary, it is always good to ensure that you have sufficient lighting for your built-in wardrobe. What you are primarily looking for is to ensure that your closet lighting is able to illuminate every part of your closet. One inexpensive way you can do so is to invest in LED lights, as they are less glaring and provide warmer lighting for your wardrobe. These lights can ensure proper wardrobe viewing and maintenance in the future.

5. Evaluating if a built-in wardrobe is ideal for your bedroom

Last but not least, you should always carefully consider if a built-in wardrobe is perfect for your bedroom! After all, if you do not have the space nor the budget, it can be challenging to fit in a custom-designed wardrobe. While built-in wardrobes may look fancy and feature plenty of sought-after storage, you should take the time to make sure that it fits your bedroom and it is able to function well.

If you are struggling financially but you are ready to make the jump to a built-in wardrobe after all careful considerations, you will be glad to know that it is possible! There are many ways to ensure that you have all the funds required to make your dream of a built-in wardrobe come true, such as an easy cash loan. Not only does the loan provide you with the cash that you need, but they also come with competitive interest rates and flexible terms for your short-term needs.

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