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When it comes to home styling and renovation, most homeowners will pay special attention to areas such as the living room, dining room and bedrooms to ensure that they appear impeccable and stunning. Doing so, however, homeowners may subconsciously neglect other parts of the home they deemed to be ‘less important’. One of these areas tends to be the bathroom. Many aren’t quite sure how to make a bathroom look stunning without having to make some major (and expensive, at that) changes.

What if we tell you that giving your bathroom a makeover is as simple as introducing interesting lighting and bath accessories? Illuminate and decorate your bathroom in style with these different types of light fixtures commonly found in Singapore households.

Ambient Lighting 

The most common lighting fixtures in modern-day bathrooms will be ceiling lights, or also known as ‘recessed lighting’. They are installed in the ceiling through a hollowed opening where the light will shine down from these ‘holes’. They are arguably the most popular choice as they not only offer excellent ambient lighting, but they also highlight any statement bath accessories or décors such as artworks and the like. They also provide full room coverage if you spread them out. Since the fixtures are also hidden, it effortlessly gives a seamless and neat look. It also helps that they will keep working even when they are splashed with water.

Decorative Lighting

Who says your bathroom has no propensity to blow you away? Introduce a decorative lighting piece and you’ll have an eye candy in your bathroom. An ostentatious lighting fixture such as chandeliers or girandoles can easily set the luxe ambience even if the other bathroom accessories may appear more modest or plain.

If you wish to opt for chandeliers, there are three different types to choose from: classic, contemporary and modern. Depending on your theme, you may want to pair the type of chandelier to the other bathroom accessories so that they don’t clash. For instance, pairing bathroom accessories that have a metallic finish with a classic chandelier may seem rather visually disharmonious.

Vanity Lighting

The bathrooms are often one of the most overlooked areas, even though it is the very room where one does their self-care routines and grooming. Apart from the bedroom, one arguably spends the most time prepping oneself before they seize the day and before they have their restful sleep. Apart from optimal comfort, it’s also essential that one gets the right amount of well-placed lighting. Thus, it’s crucial to select the correct type of vanity lighting for your bathroom as it requires functional and practical lighting solutions.

Common vanity lighting fixtures include bath bars and vanity lights. Bathroom sconces are also a popular choice as they are often installed in pairs, thus are able to equally distribute light and prevent any harsh shadows from forming on your face – which is highly important if you need to put on makeup. You may also want to consider twin-light fixtures. These light fixtures are often placed at the top of a mirror to cast the light downwards for a more enhanced balanced distribution of light.

Mirror Lighting

If you wish to bring more focus on a stunning mirror that you’ve just bought, the easiest and fastest way to do so is to invest in excellent mirror lights. They will not only guide the eyes to the mirror, but they will also effectively transform your bathroom by making it appear bigger and brighter.

There are numerous mirror lights to select from. For instance, consider getting a LED 5 mirror light. It comes in a long, rectangular structure with 5 ball-shaped glass shades attached in a continuous row. It provides excellent illumination whilst simultaneously adding to the entire visual aesthetic.

If you wish for a subtler look, you can always opt for a back-lit mirror. Undoubtedly, this will not give you the same amount of illumination as other light fixtures do, but they do give an amazing halo effect around the mirror.

Styling and furnishing a room, much less a house, is not only difficult and draining, but it’s also rather expensive. You may be surprised at the total costs once you successfully get your hands on a few light fixtures and accessories for your bathroom. Your expenses will exponentially increase should you opt for a total makeover.

Those who are struggling financially may not be able to handle such a pinch. However, if there is a will, there is a way! You can still enjoy a beautiful bathroom should you apply for an easy cash loan, more specifically, a furniture loan. This personal loan will allow you to purchase your desired furniture items. Unlike most loans, they don’t come with rigid income specifications, nor do they have competitive interest rates.

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