Essential Guide To Luxury Interior Design In Singapore

Luxury Interior Design Singapore

Luxury interior design is here to transform your home to the way you that you desire! What makes a home feel dreamy, comfy and worth coming home to is when it is able to impress, surprise and dazzle you every day. One way to do so is to opt for sparkling luxury interior design and spruce up your home!

If you have decided to take the leap and realise your dream home, then here is your guide to luxury interior design in Singapore!

1. Keep it minimalistic

Much of what makes your luxury interior aesthetic glow is by reducing any clutter that you find in your home. By doing so, you can give your new home ample space to breathe, which can turn untidy hotspots into organised living environments that exude cleanliness and class!

There are many ways you can keep your house minimalistic with a touch of class. One such way is to opt for neutral colour palettes, such as white, grey, brown, and black. Not only are these colours neither too feminine or masculine, but they are also appealing and suited to everyone! You can apply the colour palette to your interior walls, ceilings and floors, and also make it blend in with your furniture for a cosier look!2

2. Add a touch of gold

One trick of turning up the glam in your house is by understanding how to do so without making it feel overwhelming. For instance, you don’t want to apply the colour gold to everything within your home, but sprinkle it a little here and there and you can add much-needed luxury to your home!

A touch of gold brings about sophistication and glamour, but where exactly should you add it? A few examples are to apply them in your fabrics, furniture, and walls. For instance, adding gold to your side table or coffee table. Gold details on curtains, rugs, bedding, cushions, tablecloths and upholstery can also turn your house extravagant in the best way possible!

3. Opt for marble designs

If gold isn’t your kind of thing, then marble could do the trick! Not only is marble a fantastic way to add texture, class and luxury into a dull room, but the glossy finish of marble is also an excellent way for you to decorate your home and create a luxurious living environment.

There are many ways to spruce up your home with marble designs. For instance, adding marble alongside complementary design elements can introduce elegance to your space without making it look overwhelming. The materials you choose can also ensure that your house looks interesting and classy. Thus, some of the best choices you can opt for include natural elements like bamboo and wood for certain walls, furniture, and others!

4. Add a personal touch

Last but not least, a luxury home is only possible when the owner understands what they want! For instance, are you looking for an elegant living room, or would you like a hotel-like style with tall windows? When you add your personal touch into your luxury interior design, you can make it much more enticing as your home becomes your version of luxury. You can always speak to the renovation agency and tell them about how you wish to change the space and add a personal touch into your home!

Luxury interior design can be costly when you don’t have sufficient funds to complete your home makeover. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no alternative options to make your dream home a reality. For instance, you can speak to a licensed money lender in Singapore and acquire an easy cash loan. Not only are they great in helping to tide you through short-term expenditure such as home renovations, but they also offer flexible loan terms so that you can choose how you wish to use them.

However, should it be impossible for you to obtain a cash loan due to piling debt and loans, then you could opt for a consolidation loan. A consolidation loan is when a licensed moneylender pays your current debts and consolidates them into one larger payment. A consolidation loan offers many benefits, such as a lower interest rate and a lower monthly repayment fee.

Luxury interior design is possible for everyone! If you are looking to renovate and transform your home into a luxurious environment that you will love, then you can follow the tips above and bring luxury into your interior design.