Guide To Getting A Kitchen Cabinet Instalment Plan In Singapore

Kitchen Cabinet Installment Plan Singapore

When it comes to space and storage in the kitchen, one of the best ways you can get a clutter-free area is to opt for a kitchen cabinet instalment plan in Singapore. Not only can they spruce up your home décor, but they can also extensively offer you necessary floor space. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen in the best way possible, then opting for kitchen cabinets ensures that your kitchen is enhanced in its aesthetic, style, and function!

Here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know about kitchen cabinet instalment plan in Singapore!

1. Materials and styles

It is essential to find the right material and style that best suits the look of your kitchen. While there may many different types of materials, styles and finishes for you to choose from, you should also take note of certain materials that can fit inside your budget. Some material options include aluminium, hard maple, cherry, red oak, and others. They all come with different durability, versatility and price.

For homeowners on a tight budget, laminated cabinets are a great option. Due to their easy maintenance and pleasing aesthetic, they can fit right into homes with trendy or traditional décor. However, if you are looking to get your kitchen cabinets resurfaced, you might need to spend extra for wood as that is the best material for resurfacing. Materials and style of kitchen cabinets are critical to your home setting, so be sure to look at all available options before deciding!

2. Cabinet types

There are three main types of kitchen cabinets that you can pick from, namely semi-custom, custom, and stock. Stock kitchen cabinets are the basic cabinets that are already made and are an excellent budget-option for homeowners. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer more customisation options, such as the size and their choice of material, but is mainly similar to a stock cabinet. A custom kitchen cabinet features full freedom, in which you can choose from a wide variety of style, dimensions, and materials. They are expensive and take a longer time to produce, but they are perfect for homeowners seeking the ideal kitchen cabinet.

It is vital to find a cabinet type that suits your home, style, functionality and budget so that you don’t easily overspend on unnecessary areas.

3. Additional features

There are even more ways you can bring out functionality and practicality in your kitchen cabinets, such as adding spice racks, glass doors, shelves, built-in functional trays, and so more! They can help to hold all of your kitchen essentials and allow you to save space on countertops, dining tables, and other areas in your kitchen.

If you are looking for extra decoration for your kitchen cabinets, you can even opt for one-touch doors and multi-functional shelves. They can offer great functionality and aesthetic to your kitchen cabinets.

4. Cost and budget

If you are looking to purchase a kitchen cabinet without spending too much, they can start from around $75 for a laminated kitchen cabinet. However, other materials, styles, additional features and customisations can push the cost of kitchen cabinets to $200 and $350. It is also important to note that the price may increase depending on the area of your kitchen, replacement costs, as well as specific product costs.

Homeowners on a tight budget seeking to upgrade their kitchen may find that the overall cost of kitchen cabinet installation is too expensive. However, there are ways that they can seek financial help, such as consulting a licensed moneylender in Singapore. Not only do licensed moneylenders offer loans such as an easy cash loan to help homeowners with financial issues, but their loans also feature competitive interest rates that are beneficial if you have a tight budget. If you are seeking financial aid for kitchen cabinet installations, an easy cash loan can prove helpful.

Should you not have the luxury of taking out loans due to piling debt or payments, many licensed moneylenders also offer other ways to aid your financial situation. For instance, you can opt for a consolidation loan from a reputable licensed moneylender, who can help you to pay off all your loans and debts. They will consolidate all of the payments and put them into a single loan so that you can pay them back at a lower monthly repayment fee. It is an excellent financing option for homeowners struggling with debts and payments.

Everyone wishes to realise their dream home and their dream kitchen. By following the guide above and seeking the right financial support, you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams with your personalised kitchen cabinets!

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