How To Pick The Ideal Sofa Set In Singapore With Installment

Sofa Set Installment Singapore

Did you know that the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home? It is a space to huddle for a movie night, for a game night, and even a spot to get together with friends, families and loved ones! If it has been years since you last replaced your sofa, then now is the perfect time to do so.

If you have decided to replace your current sofa set, you can do so by applying for a monthly installment plan from licensed moneylenders in Singapore. The installment plan offers many financial benefits, such as reduced payment fees, flexible loan terms, as well as monthly payments that do not put a strain on your finances. If you are looking to buy a new sofa set today and find yourself strapped for cash, monthly installments can help you make it a reality!

However, before you rush to buy a new sofa set, there are a few key factors you should take note of.

1. Find the right style for your home

It is crucial to understand how the new sofa will fit into your existing decor. For instance, do you have a theme in mind in your living room, or are you looking to change it? Will the sofa set be the main focus of your theme and design? What is the style of your home, and how does it apply to your sofa set?

When it comes to living room decor, your sofa is a furniture that stands out. If you already have an eclectic style of decor in mind, that makes it easier for you to pick a sofa for that specific style. If not, you can think of a theme so that your next sofa set doesn’t look out of place in your home! Some examples of themes include contemporary, Scandinavian, modern, and minimalist-chic.

2. Check the comfortability of the cushion

The ideal sofa set is more than just about its aesthetics, it is also about how comfortable it is. One way to pick the right sofa set is to check what is inside your sofa so that you can continue to maintain maximum cushion comfort. The three most common materials for sofas are fibre, foam, and feathers.

Foam and fibre offer low maintenance but can lose their shape over time and tend to flatten out when it comes to heavily used areas. Feather options, however, require regular reshaping and plumbing to ensure that it remains comfortable. The best sofa set would be combining feathers and foam for a firm structure and an excellent plush quality.

3. Pick the ideal colour

When matching your sofa set to your living room aesthetic, you should always find a colour that can make your sofa standout. Some homeowners may opt for something different, such as a neutral colour, or look to go along with your theme. If you aren’t sure what colours are best for you, then you can decide to go bold by picking colours like emerald green, hot pink, deep blue, and many others.

Understand the fabric differences

One of the most challenging decisions when picking out your sofa set is the fabric. The ideal sofa set for your living room is one that can match the aesthetics, has a great colour palette, and is able to stand out. Thus, to make the right choice, you should understand the differences in fabric.

For instance, if you own pets, then a fabric option with easy maintenance is the right choice. Is your sofa positioned near the window for full sunlight? Choosing synthetic fabric to reduce any fading or ageing in the sun would be ideal. By considering the durability and maintenance of the fabric, you will be able to determine which is best for you.


Now is the best time to start replacing your current sofa set. Not only will you be able to afford it by opting for an installment plan from licensed moneylenders in Singapore, but you’ll be able to upgrade the look of your home with a furniture purchase! If you have set your eyes on a new sofa set, then you should take note of the key factors above and pay for it with installments.

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