Trends To Look Out For Before Going Furniture Shopping In SG

To create a cohesive interior aesthetic, every aspect of the home matters – from your layout to even the floor tiles. With that said, one attributes arguably stands out from the rest: your furniture of choice. Your home can easily transform with just a change of a few statement pieces that are the focal points of the room. Your choice in furniture can make or break your interior design, so it’s best if you sit down and ruminate the types of furniture that aren’t just comfortable and visually appealing, but also screams you!

Before you head down to your favourite furniture shop in Singapore, let us help you navigate through the infinite selection of furniture options to find you something that’s not only in style, but may just tickle your fancy.

Natural Materials

In the past few years, we see natural materials making a massive comeback as many homeowners are opting for a homey and rustic design drawn from natural inspiration. It ties in perfectly well with the booming preference for earth tones such as shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green and yellow ochre. You may look to balance the colour palette with more neutral colours such as beige or stone neutral.

Look out for materials such as rattan and wood if you’re opting for a farmhouse or Scandinavian interior design for your home. If you wish for a slightly more modern look, marble and sanctum leather can give you a suave finishing.

Sustainable Furnishings

Along with the increased focus on natural materials naturally comes the exponential rise in environmental consciousness within the society. Consumers are now interested in finding out the origins of the product and whether it is sustainable in the long run. Thus, furniture made from recycled materials and reused wood is becoming more and more popular. They are, however, arguably more expensive and if you still wish to jump on this eco-friendly trend without splurging as much, you can always consider buying pre-loved furniture.


On a similar note, antiques are similar to pre-loved items in a way that they both have previous owners. Antique and vintage furniture carries an old-school aesthetic that has charmed many, especially now that their individual stories that get to live on to their next owner. It is safe to say they are timeless pieces.

That said, with any pre-loved or vintage items, there are a few things you’d want to take note of. Since these items have stood the test of time, it is safe to say that they are not at their optimal condition. Thus, get ready to tinker, refinish or reupholster these items so that they are reusable. This may seem like a downside but don’t dismiss them just yet! Furniture made years ago usually translates to better workmanship and quality structural components. Whilst reworking is rather cumbersome, you’d be saving quite a bit of money as opposed to buying a new replica furniture piece.

Handmade Furniture

Not so surprisingly, handmade furniture has started to also gain momentum in the past few years. Many homeowners are keen to curate a home that bears their unique personality imprint. This may include moving away from the mass-produced furniture items and towards those that are a one and only. Furthermore, these items are bound to always be in-style as craftsmanship is viewed as a stunning feature in design.

With that said, ensure that you avoid warning signs when buying handmade furniture. For instance, you may want to avoid items that are made out of veneer as they are more prone to dents, scratches and peeling even though it may look like a durable and reliable hardwood material.

At the end of the day, always check the background of the furniture, material and most importantly, the craftsman. After all, you’re paying top dollar for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, so you’ll have to ensure that you make your money’s worth.

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalism has always been a rather popular lifestyle choice, but its popularity has seen a drastic increase recently. Perhaps it’s due to Marie Kondo and the conscious effort of treating the items that spark joy within you with respect and gratitude.

Either way, many are imbuing their minimalist lifestyles into their home designs with minimalist furniture. Apart from having only the necessary pieces, minimalist furniture always come in a simple and clean design. Thus, you have more leeway in balancing it out with bolder pieces so that you can have a nice contrast to the clean and uncluttered space.

Homeowners will quickly realise that the big bulk of styling and furnishing expenses come from the furniture themselves. It is even so if you’re opting for furniture that requires more attention, such as handmade and sustainable furniture.

Those who may not have the financial capacity to style the home that you want to – don’t fret just yet! You can still actualise your dream home when you apply for a furniture loan. These easy cash loans are essentially a niche type of personal loan that you can use to purchase only furniture items. They usually don’t come with strict income requirements and they don’t offer competitive interest rates as many other personal loans do.

They come in three forms: short term loans, loans with re-installment plans and unsecured personal loans. Whether it’d be furnishing your home with a short-term loan or a monthly installment loan, be sure to consult with your financial or loan consultant to find one that suits your income and lifestyle.