What To Consider Before Your Condominium Renovation In SG

Condominium Renovation Singapore

When it comes to designing your dream home, many factors play a significant role. This applies to condominium renovation in Singapore, as these factors can shape the features, functions and implementations you plan to install in your home. In addition, they can help you to prioritise your home makeover and focus on what is important.

If you are opting for condominium renovation in Singapore, here are some key factors you should consider.

1. Lighting

Lighting design is one of the main factors of condominium renovation. Everything in your home, from your decor to interior design, can be elevated and brought to life by how lighting is implemented. There are many ways lighting can offer an elegance to your home, such as with your choice of windows. For instance, installing larger windows can allow for much more natural light, which offers better illumination for your living room during the day.

If you have opted for a much more customised lighting scheme where you can take control of how your home is lit, finding the right balance of recessed lighting and natural lighting is optimal.

2. Appliances and cabinets

When planning out your condominium renovation, do not forget about cabinets and appliances! While they are some of the most forgotten aspects of home renovation, they can make a huge difference in how your home looks. One way to plan your home makeover is to pick out the right layout and design that matches your current appliances. This ensures that the design you choose can fit your needs and your style without having to buy a new appliance altogether.

Cabinets are also vital as they can bring out the design style of your kitchen. Always ensure that when you are planning for the vision of your kitchen, take your cabinets and appliances into consideration.

3. Stay flexible

It is important to stay flexible when it comes to your condo renovation, rather than approaching it with a fixed design style and idea. While you are looking to realise your dream home interior design, it is crucial to see what your priorities are and focus on them. For example, opting for a smaller fridge rather than a large one can free up storage space in the kitchen, allowing you to get more out of the space.

Being flexible doesn’t mean that you should give up on the look of your dream home. Instead, you can seek better alternatives that offer excellent trade-offs, such as the example shown above.

4. Budget wisely

Budget is important when preparing for a condominium renovation. This is because there may be unexpected expenses, changes midway, or even costly alternatives that can differ greatly from your original renovation plan. To ensure that you budget wisely for your condo renovation, you should allot an additional 5-10% on your renovation budget. This contingency can keep you from going further over your budget, and keep your finances in control.

While budget is an essential factor that you need to consider for your condominium renovation, not many homeowners have the funds available to complete their home makeover. In such situations, you should seek a list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore as they can offer you financial solutions to tide you through your condominium renovation. For instance, you can apply for payday loans, personal loans or an easy cash loan with flexible terms to finance your home makeover.

Homeowners with piling debt and loans should consult licensed moneylenders and opt for a consolidation loan. Not only will all of their debts and loans be paid off by the licensed moneylender, but they will also make monthly payments at a lower fee with lower interest rates. By taking note of the considerations and the financial solutions above, you will be able to achieve your dream condominium makeover without any worries!